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Ayya also provides the material in coil form. The coil purchased from us will always be superior in quality and in a lower price than our competitors. This is due to the large procurement of material by us directly from the companies like JSW and Bhushan. We always have all stocks available with us immediately. The material comes in standard packing and a large number of variants are available.

The solar structure division was recently started in 2017. Under the expert supervision of our experienced, skilled, qualified, and competent professionals, we have been able to manufacture and supply a wide range of the best quality components and parts for ground-mounted solar plants and racking systems.

Why Us?

1) Wide range of materials – HR , HRPO, Pregalvanised (GP)
2) Flexible Production possibility – We can produce a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. This helps you to have flexibility when designing the structure
3) Production Capacity – We have 4 Rollforming lines to produce the structures. We can produce up to 600 tons per month. (20 MW / Month approx). Production is done at a much faster pace and in a lot less time.
4) Cost Efficient – Because of the huge capacity, we are always cost-effective than our peers.

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